Electrician Christchurch Commercial Electrical Contractor
Electricians Christchurch Commercial Electrician Elusion Electrical
Electrician Christchurch Commercial Electrical Contractor
Elusion Electrical Master Electricians Christchurch
LED Lighting Electricians Christchurch Canterbury
Electrical Company Christchurch Canterbury.
Electrical Company Christchurch Canterbury.

Electrician Christchurch

Residential and Commercial Electricians covering Canterbury.

Electricity is a bit of a buzz word these days. Electric cars, wind turbines and other electrically powered devices are all gaining notoriety but how about the electricity that powers your home and business?

Patrick Koot of Elusion Electrical is right up with the play on the demands made on our energy resources – he’s been in the game for over sixteen years. That’s why his focus has become strongly oriented towards energy efficiency.

The installation of environmentally friendly LED lighting schemes, both new and retrofitted are a specialty of Elusion. LED’s save money, remain sustainable in the long run and look fabulous all the way.

Providing the electrical work for your kitchen and bathroom renovation is another satisfying aspect of Elusion’s services, and testing and diagnosing, repairing or replacing your wiring and appliances for maximum safety and efficiency are all part of a day’s work.

Heat pumps and transfer kits are de rigueur for the home or office and with technological advancements at the level they are today, they’re an easy choice to make. Elusion Electrical are certified installers of this competent form of heating/ cooling/ ventilation system for the best kind of internal climate.

All Patrick’s services are underpinned by his focus on operating with family values at the helm. He’s an advocate for excellent workmanship backed up with the human touch (with assistance from keen fans, Pip the Labrador, partner and kids).

Covering the Christchurch, Rangiora, Kaiapoi and Canterbury region, Patrick is positive he can turn your electrical issues into smooth-running, aesthetic and fully functioning systems to benefit your family or business.

Master Electrician Christchurch Elusion Electrical


CELL:     021 525 123

EMAIL: elusionelectrical@gmail.com

Master Electrician Christchurch. Elusion Electrical

Master Electrician Christchurch.

Domestic and New Build Electricians Canterbury 

Your home is a haven for your family and friends. The electrics form the foundation of it just as much as the original framework and scaffolding and all components work together to deliver the home you love.

From basic appliance repair and maintenance to sophisticated wiring and lighting design, Elusion Electrical offer the whole gamut of electrical utilities to create a functional, comfortable and beautiful home.

Our forte is in LED’s and we are experts in this arena. To find out how LED’s are the answer to so many lighting requirements, call us for an obligation-free chat. We guarantee you will come away enlightened (small pun) and as enthusiastic as we are!

Not only do LED’s improve your energy efficiency – saving dollars and cents on your power bill, they also have lower maintenance requirements and provide better quality lighting to see by.

Our Master Electrician status offers a $20,000 workmanship guarantee on all residential electrical work, including:

  • New power outlet installs

  • Wiring for new builds

  • Hot water repairs

  • Rewiring for renovations

  • Switchboard upgrades

  • Kitchen and bathroom renovations

  • Spa pool installation

  • Exterior power outlets

  • Garden – soffit lights, sensor lights, garden lights

  • Residential electrical maintenance

  • Appliance repairs

  • Extractor fan installs

  • Lighting design, install and upgrade

  • LED lights and retrofits.

See the light, with LED’s

Christchurch Electricians House Renovations Elusion Electrical
Christchurch Electricians Elusion Electrical
New Build Electrician Christchurch and Canterbury.
New Build Electricians Christchurch and Canterbury.
Electricians Christchurch New Builds
New Build Electrician Christchurch
New Build Electrician Christchurch and Canterbury.
New Build Electrician Christchurch and Canterbury Area.
LED Lighting Electrician Christchurch Canterbury
LED Lighting Electricians Christchurch Canterbury
LED Lighting Electricians Christchurch Domestic/residential Lighting Christchurch
LED Lighting Electricians Christchurch Canterbury
Electricians Christchurch Residential Lighting Christchurch
Electricians Christchurch Domestic Lighting Christchurch
LED Lighting Electricians Christchurch Canterbury
Elusion Electrical Master Electricians Christchurch
Master Electrician Christchurch Electrical Bathroom Renovations

Master Electrician Christchurch.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations Canterbury.

Master Electrician, Canterbury Elusion Electrical, renovations, rewiring, LED lighting design

Why is it that kitchen and bathroom renovations are first on the list of changes you want to make in your new home?

The answer is a bit of a cliché: Your kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. It’s a gathering point for family and friends and it’s the place where you have free rein to express your culinary creativity.

Your bathroom is another popular spot. It should be uncongested, either by condensation or steam. Your mirror needs to be smear-free and we all prefer a bathroom with good lighting to see by!

Elusion Electrical are great at designing and installing the wiring, powerpoint positioning, lighting, appliance and smartware for your kitchen and bathroom.

We look at every detail and provide sensible and aesthetic solutions to suit your taste and your budget:

  • Appliance branch circuits

  • Countertop outlets

  • Outlet placement

  • Appliance repair and maintenance

  • Extractor fans

  • Optimal light coverage and positioning

  • Electrical wiring for bathroom airflow, lighting, and safety devices

  • Hot water repairs

  • Watertight lighting fixtures

  • Ventilation fans

  • LED lights to retrofit your existing lighting.

LED’s are the power of the future.


CELL:     021 525 123

EMAIL: elusionelectrical@gmail.com

Master Electrician Christchurch Kitchen Rewiring
Electrician Christchurch New Builds
Electrician Christchurch Commercial Electrical Contractor
Electricians Christchurch Commercial Electrician Elusion Electrical
Master Electrician Christchurch House Rewiring

Master Electrician Christchurch.

Commercial Electricians Canterbury.

Covering Canterbury for LED’s, Commercial rewiring, testing and tagging

Shops, offices and workspaces all require functional electrical facilities to maximise staff productivity and create positive customer experiences.

Commercial electrical systems are an integral part of the services we offer and Elusion Electrical consistently perform to the very high standards laid out by quality governing body ECANZ.

We even exceed these standards in our workmanship while observing and practising all health and safety mandates, 100%. Our testing and tagging team are spot-on certifiers and we guarantee to fulfil the electrical aspects of your building compliance codes promptly and exactly.

And as we are specialists in LED lighting installation and retrofit, internal or external, office or security, we’re happy to give you the facts and figures on how these systems are the way forward for your business.

Our commercial electrical services include:

  • New build wiring and renovation rewiring

  • Upgrading or increasing lighting, power points and switches

  • Phone and data point installation

  • Prompt response to fault issues

  • Tag and testing electrical equipment

  • Full and partial office, workshop, restaurant and retail fitouts

  • Emergency lighting

  • Ongoing commercial maintenance and servicing

  • Emergency breakdown repairs

  • Design and installation of new or retrofitted LED lights.

Elusion Electrical: keeping your business connected.

Master Electrician Christchurch Elusion Electrical


CELL:     021 525 123

EMAIL: elusionelectrical@gmail.com

Electricians Christchurch Residential Electrical Contractor Elusion Electrical
Electricians Christchurch Residential Electrical Contractor Elusion Electrical

Master Electrician Christchurch.

Residential and Commercial Electrical Maintenance Canterbury.

Electrical maintenance commercial and residential. Elusion Electrical. LED install, wiring, equipment upgrades

It’s a bit of a disaster when production grinds to a halt in the workplace. Downing tools or having to close your doors while repairs are made is costly and challenging to recoup in today’s tough commercial market.

And at home, appliances, lighting or smart ware systems that break down at the most inopportune moment are a headache you really don’t need.

For business or home, we recommend you embark upon an electrical maintenance programme. Even more sensible: ask our team to include you on a regular call cycle for electrical checks so you can keep your home or business functioning at capacity.

And if lighting maintenance is on your mind, internal or external, office or home, Elusion can advise how to get best value by converting to LED.

The benefits of LED’s outweigh any features of traditional lighting methods. Efficiency is just one – look at these stats:

  • Traditional lighting only converts 5% of energy to light … 95% is wasted!

  • LED’s are up to 80% more efficient and convert 95% energy to light

  • Proven to lower energy consumption.

Maintenance that saves you time, money and stress.

Master Electrician Christchurch Elusion Electrical


CELL:     021 525 123

EMAIL: elusionelectrical@gmail.com

Master Electricians Christchurch Canterbury
Electrician Christchurch New Builds
Master Electrician Christchurch Elusion Electrical
Panasonic Heat Pumps installers Christchurch
Daikin Heat Pumps Christchurch
Mitsubishi Heat Pumps Christchurch
Hitachi Heat Pump Installation Christchurch
Fujitsu Heat Pumps installers Christchurch

Master Electrician Christchurch.

Heat Pump Supply and Installation Christchurch and Canterbury.

Warmth, ventilation and good health

With energy consumption on everyone’s mind these days, using a sustainable, environmentally friendly and effective method to heat and ventilate your home and business makes good sense.

The effects of mildewy or polluted air or a damp, chilly home in winter are all negative. Why suffer? Poor health, rotting walls and fittings – and cold toes to boot – are unpleasant and easily preventable with our selection of heat pumps.

We are qualified to install, service, maintain and repair: Panasonic, Fujitsu, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Toshiba, Gree.

Elusion Electrical can provide you with an inside climate you’ll love!

  • Future-proofed with upgrades, e.g. heat transfer and distribution, a summer feature, tempering heater and PTC Heaters

  • Whisper quiet technology

  • Digital and wireless connection to smartphones

  • Tablet control

  • Suitable for new builds, offices, renovated homes, apartments and established homes

  • Five-year warranty

  • F7 filter traps up to 90% of pollens, dust and allergens

  • Passive air temperatures

  • Intelligent climate and condensation sensor control system

  • Extension kits.

Toshiba Heat Pump Installation Christchurch

 Heat Transfer System installer Christchurch and Canterbury.

Heat transfer kits certainly fit the bill in providing viable options to consider when choosing how to warm your home right throughout.

These systems make use of excess heat by transferring it from one room and distributing it to other rooms. Efficient and cost effective too, we recommend you talk to us about our HeatTrans brand for maximum heat retention with minimum air transfer noise.

HeatTrans is the only heat transfer system on the market to include acoustically rated insulated ducting. It offers the best level of cost efficiencies, energy savings and, of course, heating with no cold spots!

If cooling is what you want, however, add a Summer-Vent extension kit and use your heat transfer system to bring outside air in during the warmer months.

Elusion Electrical are trained and professionally adept in the installation of heat transfer systems for your home. Call us for:

  • Heat transfer kits

  • Bathroom extraction kits

  • Positive pressure home ventilation

  • Energy recovery home ventilation

  • Heat transfer systems and components to suit most homes.

Warmth right throughout.

Christchurch Electrician Heat Transfer Installation Christchurch
Christchurch Electricians Heat Transfer Installation Christchurch


Please contact us using the details below or use the contact form – we look forward to hearing from you.

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